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What must be considered in principle when using our helmets?

This helmet corresponds to the European standard E22-05 valid during manufacture. Motorcycling involves certain risks and a helmet is not an absolute guarantee of the inviolability of your head. For optimum protection, the motorcycle helmet must be well-fitted to the head and firmly secured under the chin to minimize the risk of serious, potentially fatal head injuries. Never drive with the chin strap open!
A helmet is designed to withstand a single impact. Under no circumstances may a helmet be used that has suffered an impact. Do not make any changes to your helmet and do not attach anything to the helmet. Do not paint your helmet as this could damage it. Do not expose your helmet to extremely high temperatures.

How to determine the right helmet size?

For optimum safety, the helmet must be adjusted to the head size. After tightening the chin strap, the helmet must not slip off the head.

Zuerst Kopfumfang überhalb der Augen und um die weiteste Stelle am Hinterkopf messen. Dann die entsprechende Helmgröße aus unserer Größentabelle wählen.
Um sicher zu sein, dass es die richtige Helmgröße ist, kann man den Helm auch ohne Wangenpolster aufsetzen. Jetzt kann man überprüfen ob der Helm gut am oberen Kopf passt und nicht nur von den Wangenpolstern gehalten wird.
Durch Wangenpolster mit unterschiedlicher Dicke und Dichte, welche als Zubehör erhältlich sind, kann mann bei Bedarf den Sitz des Helmes im Bereich der Wangen anpassen.

How does the chinstrap closure work?

The helmet must be securely fastened on the head …

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Careflon warrants the product for a period of two years from the date of purchase. For the events of the helmets you will need a copy of the sales receipt with dealer stamp and the serial number of the helmet. Careflon warrants the product for a period of two years from the date of purchase. For the eventual submission of the helmet, you will need a copy of the sales receipt with the dealer’s stamp and the serial number of the helmet.
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